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This is a macro script for Helldivers on PC. It utilizes AutoHotKey to help you call in your strategems with a simple single key press. I realize that this may be frowned upon by members of the helldiver’s community…but no one is forcing you to use it. I encourage you to play the game the way that you enjoy it.  If you think that using macros for a co-op game is unfair to your team then I suggest you turn away from this article. However, if you are interested in how this might work, keep reading!


You can access the Helldivers Macro Project github page, there you will find the associated files and README for specific use. I will detail some of that information below:

logos-github-iconDownload Helldivers Macro Project

Installation & Usage:

In order to use this script, you will need to download AutoHotKey. It is also recommended that you download Notepad++ for editing the script. Editing the script will include assigning which key presses you will be using and which strategem hot keys you want active.

  • To edit the script – Right click the ‘HellDiversScript.ahk’ file, then click edit with Notepad++
  • Further instructions are within the ‘HellDiversScript.ahk’ script

Using the Script:

; All-in-One HellDiversScript
; Dev Team Blu3spirits, Crushfield
; Thanks to bred34 for the stratagem directionals
; Special Thanks to grasshopper and Pawteegal 

;^ means Ctrl, + is Shift, ! is Alt

; TO 'ENABLE' a strategem define 'x' and remove the ';' in front of it
; Be warned! I'm not sure what duplicates will do!
; This is where the controls of your scripts are located

AutoHotKey uses semi-colons to comment code, so the text on each line is not read by the script interpreter. Notice that every line in the above code begins with a semi-colon. This portion of the script is there for informational purposes only and is skipped by the script interpreter.

Example Script:

numpad2::AD289Angel() 	; <------
numpad8::EXO48Obsidian() ; <-------
numpad3::RailcannonStrike() ; <------
numpad7::Reinforce()		; <------
numpad1::Resupply()			; <------
numpad4::SH20ShieldGenerator() ; <------
numpad5::StaticFieldConductors() <------

Notice how the semi-colon has been removed from each active function within the script. You will have to remove those semi-colons for each hotkey you make active. The above example script is using the NumPad for the associated hot keys.

Active macros on this script:

  • numpad1Resupply
  • numpad2AD289 Angel
  • numpad3Rail cannon Strike
  • numpad4SH20 Shield Generator
  • numpad5Static Field Conductors
  • numpad7Reinforce
  • numpad8EXO48 Obsidian

You can change the hotkeys to whatever key you like. However, you must know the proper syntax for the associated key. For a complete key list – visit AHK’s page about the List of Keys, Mouse Buttons and Joystick Controls that AutoHotKey supports.

Quick Tips:

You can make copies of the script for each individual load out you prefer. Making copies will allow you to quickly change your load out without the hassle of editing the script over and over based on which strategems are picked per each mission.

ahk_reloadsNotice: If you make edits to your script while its running, be sure to right click the AutoHotKey task tray icon and click ‘Reload This Script’. Lastly, many have reported that the script must be ran as administrator in order for it to work properly. For this, simply right click the script and click ‘Run as administrator’.




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  1. whoa i love your work is it possible to make this into gamepad support? i have a usb to ps1 adapter and an xbox one controller on pc, please help~~~

  2. im playing with xbox one and ps1/usb adapter gamepad, is it possible to macro gamepad L3 button = call reinforcement? can u make one script for that please? or guide me how to do it?

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